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Lets talk about goals and life in general ;)


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So this is m first post on these forums, i did not realize there was a forum 🙂

So what i want to hear is peoples goals and opinions of what they want to achieve, or what they think can b achieved from Fiverr. Of course, i will start.

So i am aiming really big, because that is what i do. I currently live in the United Kingdom and i am 20 years old. Anybody who lives here will vouch for me when i say that the job market for people my age is almost zero. Even getting a fast food job is a pretty big deal. So i’m going to use Fiverr as a foundation for my business. The aim of my business is to provide SEO services in the UK, but i will be using fiverr to make my start up capital.

i love writing, and have a colloquial style, but can write about anything so that is the Gig i will promote the most. Everyone needs quality content these days and not many can provide it so i think i can do well here. Anyway, after i have made about £1000 from fiverr i will withdraw and buy myself a decent laptop. I am currently running an XP machine so i cant real do any decent SEO work with it, but will spend the remaining money on SEO software and facebook advertisements.

I really hope fiverr can help me achieve my goals, and i would love to here some other peoples goals as well!

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