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I have had a gig on here since at least 2 or 3 months ago and it does not show up in search


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Hi I have had my Cheech and Chong gig here for quite a while. For some reason even when I search for “cheech and chong” it does NOT come up. Also if I look through the category it is not there… at all. I get some sales from it somehow but I think I would get more if you could actually find it in a search. If someone is looking for a Cheech and Chong voiceover they may go to another site all together because the one that is here is pretty much invisible. I really don’t like whining but I am doing just that. If you look at my profile you can see it… But really who is gonna put in “Trailer Park Russ” as a search term looking for “Cheech and Chong”? I thought I would wait and see if it would straighten itself out as things are kind of up in the air with the switch to NEW fiverr , but so far …nope not yet. Any thoughts fiverr team?

I was thinking of putting in a support ticket but y’all are already swamped with those I’m sure. 🙂 PEACE Russ

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