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What to do if some dishonest buyer asked for refund


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i want to know some tips what to do when dishonest buyer ask for refund with no reason should refund or just keep the order?

if refund gig will effected by cancellation rate if not will get negative review in the both gig will effected what do you prefer? any suggestions?


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I would like to refund rather than getting a negative review on my gig

thanks for your reply

but i have enough positive reviews and if i refund will get my gig effected anyway

any suggestions guys

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I would refund but later ban this user to not get any new orders from him. To lose 4$ is less harm than negative feadback. One of top sellers wrote that you must guarantee money back.

There is no rule for money back guarantees, and some sellers offer this while others don’t, although I don’t see how money back guarantees would be in line with Fiverr’s TOS, because it doesn’t feel right to circumvent Fiverr’s ways. Offering money back guarantee is like trying to prevent negative reviews, which is not allowed as far as I know.

@soload Politely ask your buyer to provide a valid reason for why they are asking a refund, because without a good reason asking for a refund is against the rules. As long as your delivery matches the description of your gig, you are entitled to keep the revenues associated with that order, for the buyer has paid a service, your time and expertise, which they have acquired, and without a valid reason it’s like trying to get free work.

If the buyer still refuses to give a valid reason, you should ask Customer Support for further help.

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