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How can i make at least 1000$ every month on fiverr with my gig


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Here is my 2 cents which is for from $1000 lol, but I would say hardly anybody makes money going after money, but many people make money when the do their passion.

So I would say work gigs that are your passion

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Wise words full of wisdom.

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@teamwork10 I believe the best thing you could do is to lower your packages. I’m a strong advocate of people being paid what they deserve (and I do not question your experience at all) but, you’re new here and this means that people will be kinda reluctant to place $$ orders with you since there isn’t any social proof of skills and competencies (aka reviews).
I know this might be frustrating but take it from me, I started doing my readings on $5 and after a few glowing reviews, I upgraded my package quotes and still, people come back for sessions 🙂 However, it was important to have a “low risk” price for them to test the waters first 🙂

Besides these, you could
a.use a real pic of your team instead of this stock photo
b.include the name/s of people in charge on this account (I hate when I don’t know how to address a seller)
c.tweak your mini bio so that it translates into the teams quality skills
b.take a good look at your gigs’ content for the necessary edits for a more flawless result.

Best of luck

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