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Can i share my portfolio link with buyer request?


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Many buyers ask in buyer request for show sellers portfolio in offers.
I send some buyers request with my portfolio link not with htpps://
Only behance.net/ my username.
Is there any problems? Is My profile will be block for these reasons?
Nowadays I don’t share my portfolio with buyers request.
But if buyers send me massage and ask me for previous works that I already done, then I send him my portfolio link.

Please anyone help me , is there any problems to share link? And are my profile in risk for diseble?

Thanks in advance.

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Guest offlinehelpers

@woofy31 I don’t want to know about using URL on gig description. 😔

I want to know about sending URL by buyer request who want to see me portfolio.

Btw can I send my blogger site URL trhoug buyer request?

Pls help me . Are my profile in risk for diseble?

Any of the allowed links can be used to send in your description in response to a buyer’s request, but no links to any other websites.

Blogger.com isn’t on the list, so please don’t use it - stick to the ones which are.

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