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I need help to improve My gig


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Please help me,

I am really disappointed about my gig with account. Fiverr has been updated but My gig has been down. If i search “Data Entry” then my gig is showing 29 pages (1382 numbers) and if i search " Virtual Assistant" then my gig is showing 43 pages(2050 numbers) but my gig was only 25 numbers. Whats going on with my gig? Most gig has been created before from my gig or account but their gig is showing too up from my gig. Where is my problem? I am doing bid everyday but can’t getting any new client or order. I don’t have any new client. Also, I don’t have any new message. If buyer can’t gotten my gig on search result then how can i get orders?
I want a solution. Please give me a solution or direction. How can i get much order?

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