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How to rank my gig first in search


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There’s a LOT that goes into search ranking within Fiverr, but I’ve found that it boils down to the following:

  1. Relevant gig title, description, and tags: writing these things correctly goes a very long way to getting your gig seen.
  2. Fast delivery: Fiverr’s ranking system appears to give more weight to speed of delivery than anything else.
  3. Total reviews: If you have +2,000 sales and a handful of negative reviews, then the system will sometimes think that you’re less qualified than a seller with 10 sales and no negative reviews. But having said that, this appears to be a big part of the ranking system and thus will give you greater placement over time as you build your portfolio.
  4. External traffic: I haven’t seen this confirmed anywhere, but judging from what I’ve seen I very strongly suspect that Fiverr’s search algorithm likes to see external traffic combined with a lot of activity on a gig. Even if people aren’t buying anything, they appear to interpret a large volume of traffic as a sign of a well qualified seller.
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