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How To Get Large Streams of Traffic


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First, you need to figure out WHO your target customers are. Without an understanding of who these people are, you’re not going to have a customer base that will purchase your services. Figure out who these people are, and then figure out WHERE they are located. Once you know this, you will know who to market to, and where your market is located.

We cannot help you with this. You’re going to have to do a great deal of research to figure this out on your own. We all have different customer markets. There is no one market for everyone. Be willing to do the work, and the results of your research will provide the answers you seek.

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What you’re describing is the worst kind of social media marketing imaginable. There is no such thing as a magical link-dump where you can just spam your gigs and expect sales to happen. Using social media successfully requires daily effort over a period of months to years to yield results. The evolution of social media as a form of marketing has absolutely nothing to do with “put links in people’s faces and sooner or later somebody will buy.” Instead, social media as a form of marketing has moved in the direction of curatorship. If you want to know where to start, then do a Google search for the that word. If after you’ve done that you begin to feel like it’s a lot of work, then the answer is yes - it is a lot of work - and that’s why people can charge so much to manage social media campaigns.

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I can never understand people who think that they can cheat their way to popularity.

Ask yourself:

When was the last time that you felt compelled to click on a link anywhere and then thought ‘WOW! Holy Moley! I want to buy this thing RIGHT NOW! And/or visit this website every day from now on until I die because it’s so amazingly MINDBLOWING!’

Likely you have never felt this way because you are not an idiot. In fact, even level 10 idiots never feel this way.

Create viable self or product worth.
Create a marketing strategy to promote viable self or product worth.
Deploy marketing strategy.

Note: Without actual worth or a marketing strategy, you will fail. Any effort which you make to cheat your way to popularity or material riches will always crash and burn disastrously and you will become a level 10 idiot in the process.

(This is bad as level 10 idiots find it hard to distinguish air from pencil sharpeners and often die attempting to breathe pencil sharpeners).

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