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How Come My Sales Dried Up?


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I been with Fiver almost 2 years now. I have some gigs on here. I was very successful with. making decent money. Getting many inquires as well.
Seems in last few months. That has all dried up. No sales and almost no inquires.
Can Anyone look at my profile tell me what is going on?
I would love to making a living on here again. I have no idea why the system went from one extreme to the other?
anyone have similar situation?
All feedback welcome and don’t be shy. thanks

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Guest offlinehelpers

Have a read of this:
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What can you do when your sales have suddenly plummeted? For many people the solution is simple - come on to the forum and complain about something else which "must" have caused this. It is probable that an outside force has caused you to not get as...

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