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What are the practical ways of improving of my gig sales?


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Hello there,

As a web developer with over 7 years of experience building websites, i decided to give fiverr a trial on the 28th of March 2017.

Fortunately, on the third day of setting up my gig, i got my first order from a client to build a website for $5 in which i had sleepless night for 3 days plus gave him unlimited revisions.

As of today, i have delivered more than 13 orders with 5 star rating. I’m expecting fiverr to promote me to level 1 though up till now i have not been promoted even though i don’t know why.

I know of lot of you guys have been here for years and you know what have been working. I’m therefore seeking your assistance in reviewing my profile maybe you can advise me on ways to increase sales.

Briefly these are what i have been using so far:

  • I give my clients unlimited revisions for my works.
  • I over-deliver to them and assist in any way possible,
  • I satisfy my clients alot. Devote more time to helping them as regard their request.

Here is My Profile on Fiverr in case you wanna peep through before you advise me.

I will be happy to implement each of your suggestion for better sales.


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