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Does a Level 2 seller get more impression than a Level 1 Seller?

Guest grandmaa

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Well, this can be interpreted in two ways.

  1. Kind of?
  • Well, if you think about it, in a way they are more favored, but it is not because they are now Level Two. As you get more reviews, you are automatically moved up in the search and seeing as to how at level 1 you will have less reviews and orders than level two as a lower count is necessary. So, in a way, they are kind of favored.
  1. No.
  • Because at Level One you can have a very similar amount of reviews as the beginning of Level Two, I don’t think that there will be much of a difference once you hit Level 2.


You can often find that there are some unranked and even unreviewed sellers above those who are TRS or Level 2 sellers, so there’s no way to find out for sure.

Good luck out there in the world of Fiverr!

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I have a lot of reviews, been a TRS for years, yet my impressions have dropped to being lower than some newer level 0/1 sellers, especially since Fiverr seems to be giving new gigs more chances as per the new policies.

And I see some level 1 or no-level sellers way at the top, and I’ve been buried somewhere else, so no, there’s no exact answer to your question because it all varies.

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