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Mutual Cancelations on the New Fiverr?

Guest thuyta

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Guest thuyta

Can someone add the option to just mutually cancel an order? A lot of my buyers order gigs by mistake or they didn’t mean to order a certain one. On the new fiverr, the only option I see are “My buyer is not responsive” or “I’m having trouble completing this order.” -neither of which are true. Sometimes people just order by accident, there should just be a way to undo it without giving the buyer or seller a negative connotation 😕

95% of my cancelations are from buyers who ordered the wrong gig or didn’t mean to order at all. A couple months ago, even though ALL of those cancellations were mutual, fiverr knocked me back to level one, claiming it was because I had too many canceled orders. It got resolved when I went to fiverr about it and I was moved back to level 2. It’s just silly that it even happen at all since mutual cancellations were supposed to be mutual and nothing negative is supposed to result from it.

I just wish the new fiverr would give both buyer and sellers the option to truly cancel mutually without negative backlash.

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