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New to Fiverr, Going out to the Art Community on Fiverr!


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Hello fellow Fiverr Peeps,

So a little about me: I am brand new to Fiverr. I wouldn’t exactly say I am on this application for me since my talents don’t exactly transfer over to this kind of forum, but I am here for my dad. He is an extremely talented artist just like most of you.

So why am I writing this?

I noticed most people that do drawings on here, are advertising that they will be selling them as just the digital copy. Which is probably why they are able to deliver in 1-3 days, and it only cost the buyer $5-$20. So here are my questions to that.

Is it not worth the trouble to ship the original to them?
Have successful sellers seen a trend in what the growing population of Fiverr wants?
Is there even a market for selling a full 30X19 framed drawing here on Fiverr?

I have looked around quite a bit and have done a decent amount of research but certain questions should be asked directly from the source.

Thanks for any input.

-Ronnie Hatfield

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