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πŸ‘‘ 🎁 Happy Birthday Fonthaunt! 🎁 πŸ‘‘


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Yep, it is that time of year - it is our beloved Maddie’s birthday!

Join me in honoring everyone’s favorite moderator (well, top 3 at least) on this special day!

My way of honoring her was to ask her hero to share a special message with her - he did and with great gusto.

(Thanks to thespiderguy)

Love Eoin :heart_exclamation:


Mod Note: annai80

Happy Birthday to our lovely forum queen πŸ‘‘

We appreciate you very much!! Thank you for everything you do.

Thank you to raventl for creating this wonderful video

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When I initially joined this colorful Community, I was constantly attracted to your posts. Oh so knowledgeable, great sense of humor & just a terrific person all around. A debt of gratitude is in order for being a thoughtful, helpful and kind soul. I hope this Birthday is the BEST you’ve ever had. Enjoy your day! ❀️

Disco Partyyyyyy woohoo πŸŽ‰


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Oh my gosh you guys! I was kidnapped early this morning and swept away for a birthday of fun. I’m exhausted but had a great day and haven’t been allowed near internet even to check messages. LOL

You guys ROCK! It’s been a totally awesome birthday all around and this was an amazing thread at the end of a great day! Special thanks you to Eoin and Anja for holding down the fort today and for the videos! AWESOME!!! I also see some sellers I’m going to need to buy from because they make great birthday presents!


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