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Hi Fiverr I have noticed a few little bugs

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A few things not working

Can’t upload a pic in EDIT in Gig Gallery , Sometimes I have to switch back to old Fiverr to deliver a gig, and the new uploader works the first time “sometimes”. Also if you go through every single listing in my sub catagory you can find one of my gigs there but not the other. It seems like I can’t just search and search for new gigs …there are only a few pages and it’s over. SO it seems a lot of gigs are not listed or you have to actually use thier specific search term to find them. Also when I search “Cheech and Chong” My “Chong” Gig is shown and the “Cheech AND Chong” one is under “more results”…it wasn’t there at all for a bit. This is just to let you know. I’m not complaining, just reporting bugs. I will post more as I see them. I have a feeling you will work it out, seems like Fiverr is having growing pains. HEY FIVERR please let us know if there is anything we can do to help too, it’s in all our best interest. PEACE Russ

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@trailerparkruss thanks for taking the time to report this.

Regarding uploads, we’ll need some more details to look into it, please send us the following via customer support:

  1. Operating system version (e.g. Snow Leopard, Windows 7…):
  2. Browser Type (e.g. Chrome, Firefox …):
  3. Browser Version (e.g. 6, 3.5 …):
  4. Do you have the latest Flash version installed?
  5. Any firewall, ad blockers you use
  6. Screenshot of any error messages you get during the process

    This info will help us better understand the issues.

    Regarding the search, we know that it is instrumental in generating business. Our goal is your success and we continue to develop and adjust the search function so that it will provide buyers with the best results for each category.

    You can check out this post with tips and make sure that your Gigs are optimized:

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