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Improved ranking suggestion


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Hello there,
My name is Rafael and my best seller gig is located in Graphic Design category and Vector Tracing subcategory.

I open this post because I’m a lot worried about taking some days off with my family (which I dont do more than 3 years, when i started on fiverr).

Fiverr became my main (and only) source of income. I support my family with fiverr incomes. It’s really a good thing for us. A lot of users (if not the most part of the sellers) do the same here on fiverr.

I’ve been working 60-70 hours weekly to maintain my gig on top in my category, but I see a lot of other gigs which achieve to get on the top, take some vacations and then goes all the way down on ranking, loosing all the efforts to get on top.

As far as I know, the ranking is based in the 30 last days performance (number of ratings, sales, grade of rating, etc). I almost gave up working on fiverr when I had a bad week, not on sales, but about getting the reviews from my clients. I sold good orders that week, but my buyers just weren’t rating my deliveries. So I lost one position in ranking, then other, and other, and other.

From 2nd place in ranking i got to 6th, just because ONE bad week of getting reviews from my buyers. So I kept almost 24/7 tuned in my gig and forgot about taking any vacations at all.

There are 2 possible solutions to avoid this bad and unfair experience between sellers:

1. Instead the ranking being based in the last 30 days of a gig performance, why not 90 days (at least)? This way just a bad week won’t affect YEARS of hard work (like in my case). Everybody should have their chances on fiverr, but those (like me) who dedicates their lives to do a good work on fiverr should have their chance too.
Let’s be honest, fiverr isn’t just a temporary online services site, it is the FULL TIME job for a lot of people around the world, so the gig ranking performance of these sellers should be based in more time than just 30 days. It would be a lot fair with those who dedicates their efforts to do a good work.
PS: It would also help about this last major but in searches which sellers are worried.

2. Why do not create a CREDIT PROGRAM where could be changed for some vacation time without losing places in category ranking? I know it’s not a simple suggestion (like the first).

I believe I was luckier than other sellers, because I saw a lot of sellers in my category having the same “bad week” (or taking some days vacation) and they lost all their efforts to get on top. Some of them just dropped out fiverr, even they being AWESOME workers.
I mean, I’ve been working almost 150 weeks on fiverr, and just ONE bad week could ruin everything I sacrificed to get on fiverr.

I love fiverr. Fiverr is my life, like for a lot of other sellers, so please lets always improve what is possible.

Thank you,

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Dude, chill. You’ve posted this in at least three different places from where I’ve seen.

Dude, chill. You’ve posted this in at least three different places from where I’ve seen.

Hello there, please read this post completely, it’s different from other post 🙂

thank you

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Dude, chill. You’ve posted this in at least three different places from where I’ve seen.

By the way, as you’ve seen my other posts, I lost about 50% of sales in this month, because the “search bug”. Fiverr is my only source of income now and I can’t just chill out and let 3 years of hard work “going down the river”.

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but posting on the forum will never help that.

CS and fiverr admin are the only ones that can. Contact them instead of lamenting here.

already contacted CS and I’m here to suggest (because CS told me to come here to suggest) and to gather most people possible to this idea 😉

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