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What feedback did you get from your very first client on fiverr?


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I joined fiverr on 25th September 2016 and created my first gig same day. After 5 days I got my first order and started my fiverr journey.

My story is very entrusting here. Your first order is something that can start or end your fiverr career. My first order was like a challenge to me. My buyer said she wants to place an order on my gig but it is difficult task to do. She was having some serious issue with her website and nobody was able to fix it. She had tried six other sellers already and I was the next one. 😱

I was thinking :thinking: (should I do it or not) and decided to take a risk. I asked her to place an order so I can start the work. After 6 hours of research and some code debugging I finally managed to solve her problem. I can’t express my feelings in word but I was feeling very happy that time. 🙂 And she left this great review on my profile.

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That is awesome. With that attitude, you will really succeed!

My First Order?

Customer didn’t push the complete button. The job posted complete after 3 days and they didn’t leave a review.

Drum Roll Please. I know that was super inspirational.

Thanks @landongrace for the complement.

You didn’t get review on your first order but i am glad to see you are Top Rated Seller now. Good luck for the future. 👍

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