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Whats wrong with my gig i have no buyers please friend give me the order to improving my gigs


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First of all, you should complete your profile with all the information needed. After that put complete gig description and relevant to the point. Explore other gigs in your category and find out what’s recommended sellers having in their gig. Try to offer something that others aren’t offering.

Also promote your gig over social networks and through replying to buyer requests. Hope it’ll work for you.

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From what I see you have one gig offering whiteboard animation, but inside the description you’re offering (I think) virtual assistant and voiceover services…
Your tags are “white board” and “photoediting”. Whiteboard is one word and Photo Editing is two. You say “…videano what kinda video you want”. I don’t know if that is supposed to be video and what kind of video you want"

Complete your profile, use the appropriate tags, expand your description and use one gig per services.
If you’re offering virtual assistant services, then create a separate gig for that…and spellcheck.

You might not think it matters, but attention to detail carries over into your work.

Good luck!

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