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My first post and excited to join this community


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Hello everyone!

I am excited to be joining the Fiverr community. I actually joined in 2012 but I have not used my account until a few weeks ago. Recently, I started a Voice Over business and I have already sold 2 gigs here. I have read many threads and I am still working on making my gig as good as it can be, but thank you to everyone for all of the advice.

Thank you again and I am looking forward to working with you all more in the future.


P.S. Does anyone have any advice, or thoughts, on creating more than one gig? Is it a good idea? Thanks!

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Hello and welcome to the forum, Anthony!

Regarding your question - there seem to be two ‘schools of thought’.

  • make as many gigs as you can (7 for a new user) = more exposure

  • focus on just one gig = more reviews on 1 gig will get you ranking higher for that 1 gig instead of having your reviews spread over several gigs

I started with only one but later ‘split it up’ because it made sense. I´m for things that make sense, if there is a good reason to make several, I´d do that, if not, not.

You shouldn´t have gigs that basically are the same thing either, from Fiverr’s side, but if you can think of some variety of gigs that make sense for your case, that´s great, of course, the choice is yours. 🙂

Good luck in your Fiverr career and much success for your gig/s! 🍀

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Welcome aboard Anthony!

I would say that having many gigs in different categories can turn out to become a nightmare in the long run if you end up having plenty orders on each different gig, because as the Fiverr blog stated once, it’s best to focus on a few specialized gigs and do a great job on them, than trying to focus on too many different gigs, since it will become hard for you to keep track of each order from each different category of gig without eventually mixing them up or screwing up your deliveries (been there, done that)

However, here’s my advice for a beginner: at first create as many very different gigs as possible, then when orders start piling up you should decide on what gigs/categories are selling best for you, and ditch the other gigs that don’t bring you much or any value - it’s like advertising yourself everywhere and waiting to see where your leads come from, and then get specialized on one or a few specific niches.

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