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I’ve started my own business a few weeks ago, now that my son is a little more self-sufficient and doesn’t need to be attached at my hip, and I’ve been using Fiverr to buy logos, marketing advice, etc. I needed one last thing- a business card!!


If you’re looking for a business card, I highly highly recommend this seller. Anyone’s that ever worked with me knows that I can be an airhead when describing what I want in anything to do with art. He was SO patient with me- I had him rework it twice with so many different instructions, I felt like a nightmare buyer. He delivered way ahead of schedule, communicated with me every little little step of the way, and did not make me feel like I was a hassle at all. He was SO pleasant to work with- extraordinary customer service.

So, I thought why not give him a shout out here on the forums. New buyers, old buyers, if you need a business card with excellent customer service, patient, and turnaround time, please check him out!! You won’t be sorry.

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Reply to @finalstep: Yup!! I try my best to expose other sellers here on Fiverr, especially since V2 came out.

I won’t lie, I’ve had some crappy service before, not even worth $5, but when I get a REALLY nice seller, like the one above, it’s magical.

Reply to @deannabalestra: He is SO patient as well!! Was definitely worth the money and time!!

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