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For 6 days I cant get my revenues


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I m having big problem with fiverr. I am level 2 seller on fiverr.

My gig ratings is %100

I was getting my revenues on regular basis.

But For 6 days I cant get my revenues.

Here is what I do with images

Click withdraw your revenues


Click the confirmation link


And the error occurs…


And if I click again to “withdraw button” it says


It says "You have reached the maximum amount of withdrawals per day. No action

is taken. Try again tomorrow"


Its keep giving me same error for 6 days even though I didn’t get any money in 6 days.

I m trying this everyday since 9 July.

I created a ticket to so called customer support center. I didnt get any answer.

I writed to fiverr on twitter, they asked me my username and ticket number. I gave them. And nothing happend at all.

I sent an email to t@fiverr.com , nothing happend.

Why dont you let me get my revenues? Why didnt you answering my questions.

Most of my income comes from fiverr.

Help me please.

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fiverr scam now look this two ticket i have same problum and they told to me please contact us 45 days it’s complete july 20 but they after july 20 never update my ticket this is very scam now V2



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For the first time ever I was declined from making a withdrawal since I have been on Fiverr. Go Figure. Something is really going on weird with the new Fiverr. If it happens again tomorrow I’m contacting support or I’m switching to version 1 and then making a withdrawal. Version 1 never lets me down. Seriously people I’ll say it over and over Version 2 has more bugs than a motel has bedbugs. They should have kept beta testing before their big release. Facebook did the same thing and all they do is make unnecessary changes all the time! Ya it’s all good if I earn enough before I cash out I might just use it on a gig. I need to check my transactions. 🙂

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I’ve not been able to withdraw my earnings from fiver this week. 3 days I’ve tried and although the screen message tells me to check my email no emails arrives. I’m level 2 and withdrawn many times in the past. No sign of a reply to my support request yet either.

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