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How To Reach Level 2 Much Faster


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Hello Everyone,

I hope you’re having a good time.

In this thread, I thought I’d share with you tips that can help you achieve a level 2 status much faster and increase your Fiverr income. But before I can share with you these tips that you already know and neglected by many sellers. I want to tell you about my own Fiverr experience and how these tips helped me increase conversions and eventually sales.

Obviously, the higher level you get the more exposure your gigs get leading to more sales. So yes, you must grind as a Fiverr seller when you’re just starting out. However, hard work always pays off if you deliver quality services and work side by side with your client.

Over a year ago, I became a Fiverr seller and I used to check the analytics for my gigs. The views were few and I only had 1-3 sales per month. I’m still grateful, but it’s not even pocket change if you don’t climb the ladder fast. I didn’t really do much research as I should at the time and I was content with the organic traffic of Fiverr. Little did I know, is that Fiverr had a BUYER REQUEST Which I’ve been testing over a month ago and never stopped until I reached level 2 just recently. So yeah, that’s the most valuable tip you can take away from this thread and will discuss it in detail below. But if you want to improve anything in life; first thing’s first.

Tip # 1: Optimize your gig

This might sound obvious but many sellers expect conversions when their description is incomplete and doesn’t describe the service as it should. And that leaves Fiverr buyers confused and it’s easier to browse other similar services than to present their concerns to you. So what you should do is check your gig title, description, tags and make sure everything is well said and explained. Keep in mind that Fiverr is an international community so use language that is easy to understand and at the same time, not excessively boring.

Tip # 2: Add the right image

This is hardly a factor to many established sellers but it is crucial to new sellers. I would recommend adding a professional photo with the right design that describes your gig or you can buy a design service on Fiverr that will do this for you. Most importantly add images that you have the copyright to use and you can obtain some with free copyright from sites like pixels, pixabay and other similar sources.

Undeniably, Video is more effective that an image on Fiverr. You can record a video of your own or create an animation video to describe your service. Either way, a video is much more powerful and more likely to rank compared to images.

Tip # 3: Treat your client with care

I %100 believe and know that the majority of people are good and they’ll be grateful to you when you deliver quality work. In return, they would show their gratitude by leaving amazing feedback that will make you stand out from other sellers and gain more exposure. So always be respectful, kind and sincere with your clients. I’ve had many returning clients that purchased extras and other services right during the first encounter and even before delivering their first order. What I did was simply being kind, explained my services further when necessary and presented other services that they can use to help their platform grow.

And when it came to delivering, I delivered on time and sent everything as promised. Til this day, those very same clients return for more work and recommend my services to their colleagues. I can’t be any happier with my own work and their reactions, I’m very grateful.

Tip # 4: Respond as fast as possible to buyers

I would say more than %50 of buyers send you a message before they order. The reason being is likely wanting assurance of services you describe are exactly what they need or wanted to confirm a certain detail about their business or could be a custom request. Regardless of which, the buyer needs an answer ASAP so he/she can take further action and buy your services before heading over to the competition.

And replying late to clients would likely mean no sale as they had their concerns answered much faster by the competition and already purchased the services they need.

Tip # 5: Buyer requests

If you head over to the “selling” button at the top, You’ll find “buyer requests” right after the “earnings” button. Buyer request is self-explanatory and it is simply a section of requests where buyers can post their needs and expect sellers offers.

It’s an amazing feature that allows buyers to present their needs, budget, delivery time and a place for sellers to compete head to head regardless of level status. Each seller is given 10 requests daily and as you use this section regularly, you should know how to use the 10 request wisely and only targeting the right buyers.

As I said earlier, responding quickly to buyers will help convert and make more sales. And that applies very much to the buyer requests section. You should be checking the section regularly throughout the day and each request displays a number of offers sent by other sellers. So the faster you send an offer, the higher chance you would hear back from the buyer and hopefully do business.

That’s why checking the section on a regular basis throughout the day allows you to send offers in your particular domain when they’re first posted.

Also, when the buyer is asked to leave feedback after you deliver, there is a section that counts as part of the review known as “Communication with seller”. So responding quickly to your clients contributes to your overall rating that you certainly want to keep above 4.5 stars.

It took me less than a month to go from level 1 to level 2 using only buyer requests. I wish if I had known about the info above much earlier, yet I wouldn’t have had if I didn’t learn through trial and error. During that month, I sold extras, custom offers, returning clients and all 5-star reviews. All of which played a role in becoming a level 2 seller and I would continue to do more to improve my services and rankings.

I wish this thread has offered you some help and I look forward to hearing your feedback.

Thank you for making it to the end 🙂

Have a blessed day!

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can you please review my profile and tell if there is anything that i can improve?

need exert opinion

Your gig is doing well and again, take advantage of the buyer requests. The main thing you’re lacking is, “adding packages”; basic, standard, premium, that would drive much much more income. Do it now & Thank me later hahahah

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