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Put Some Soul In!


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Nothing gets me working like Otis Redding in my headphones. Soul music has a kind of continuity and passion to it which you won’t get with any other music genre, and that always rubs off on the way I work in a weird way. I spend more time on individual pieces than I would normally because I have a focus and a distraction in the form of the music I’m listening to.

What kind of music helps you when you’re working?

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I don’t care much for genres, so…



is a good example of my work’s soundtrack when I’m creating. Somewhat laid back, dark-ish, detailed and textured music. No vocals. Doesn’t have to be electronic, plenty of guitar centered bands which also fit the bill.

And this

while I’m working on stuff that’s more paint by numbers. That way, I won’t fall asleep 🙂

Plus, everything in between. My preferred work music is just anything I like that doesn’t demand my attention or makes me want to sing along or pick up my guitar.

Sometimes, I just go with a soundscape at mynoise.net (@lloydsolutions if music doesn’t work for you but you wouldn’t mind listening to something, check it out!)


When I’m making videos here, the harsh reality is that I often listen to the genre of Music To Sell Shit With. No, I don’t want to talk about it.

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