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Time to move to the next level!


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Hey all!!

I am Yassine and since I started drawing here on fiverr ( http://fiverr.com/enissay14/make-a-realistic-hand-drawing-of-you-or-anyone ) and actually making some money I was so glad!! I mean I was drawing all the time, and now by doing just the thing that I love the most I can have some extra cash !

So once I became a level 1 seller and discover all the opportunities that this change offers, I knew I had to move to the next level by :

  1. Adding new gigs! exploit my full potential, see what I can offer to the community and present it well!

    So I created two more gigs ( http://fiverr.com/enissay14/design-flyersbusiness-cardalbum-coverposterbanneror-anything-else & http://fiverr.com/enissay14/translate-english-text-into-french-and-french-text-into-english ) and more are to come!

  2. Improving my gigs and adding to them video description, like my gig here about making a SPEED DRAWING VIDEO : http://fiverr.com/enissay14/make-a-speed-hand-drawing-video ! It’s a lot of work for only $5 but what can I say I LOVE THAT! 😃

  3. also checking regularly the gigs of the Top Rated Sellers and try to learn from them, and also see what are offering the sellers in your category and try to beat their offers!

    I am so exited to be part of this community and very confident about the future!
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