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Quick question, a little help please!


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Hello, a buyer bought my gig, I worked on it and sent it, he hit the “reject” button since he thought there was a mistake with the gig, I explained, he understood, and then we were both cool.

The problem was, my gig was still in the “rejected” status, so I asked him if he can mark my gig as

completed. He replied right away saying:

"No problem, but I can’t find the completion box to leave a positive comment?

If you can show me where the thumbs up will happily do it, as the work is complete.

Many thanks"

Since I rarely buy gigs here, I’m not so sure how this is done. I thought it was as easy as click "complete"

and you’re done, but do things get a bit more complicated once you hit the reject button??

Is there a “finished” button or something to click on somewhere?


PS I hope you all have a nice weekend, I saw Pacific Rim last night, hahaha. Good movie! 😃

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