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One Sad story of my 10 month journey on fiverr :(

Guest spooky947

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Guest spooky947

I was selling over 10 months. My gig also old over 9 months I guess. I got an order for video ad. I promised to improve the quality of videos. I used quality images buyer wasn’t satisfy. Did another- not satisfy. He sent images I used them and buyer again told he is not satisfy, Then he needed to have voice on my next video. I asked him to check samples. But he told he need voice over I did a video with voice. Then he told he don’t like that voice . Then did another one without voice. He was not satisfy. After several days asked me to do 1 min video. I thought he is talking about a new gig. Now he left a negative feedback. It took 4 months for me to increase my rating from 98% to 99% and because of this bad buyer I got in to 98% again and my 100% rated gig became 97%. CS always tke buyers side.

My recomendations

  • Fiverr should have a time period to rate a gig after order get completed
  • Buyer can ask additional work ( They ask to do extra work to remove negative review.)
  • Mutual cancellation should not affect on sellers. ( Some buyers can’t satisfy but seller can’t cancel the order because it affect to the ratings)

    Thank You
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