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? Oh my gosh, yet another thread on "How's your sale this month?" ?


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Aside from individual orders being high or up, overall sales must have taken a dip.

I received a special offer from 5r, even though I placed an order no more than 3 days ago.

Anyone else get this super secret bonus offer of $5 for spending $20?

super secret bonus

I think this is not a secret bonus anymore. 😉

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I got one of those 5/20s earlier this month.
My sales are fine, just now my main gig kindly got paused again by fiverr, I´m constantly at my queue limit, it seems that as soon as I deliver a gig, I get another order, not that I have such a high number of sales, but always some that take quite a bit of time to do, so I´m keeping the allowed number of sales in queue pretty low, to be able to take orders of my regulars.

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