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I complete order of $35 and get only $20 . WHY [Solved]


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I complete order of $35, according fiverr rule i should get $28 . But i get only $20. why. Actually order was $10 + $25 tip ( because i did extra work ). fiverr showing on order page that you earn $28.
But when i’m going to earning page from main menu . Selling > Earning . i’m looking i get only $20 of this project.

Now i want to contact to fiverr customer support . but don’t now how i can contact to customer support. someone can give me link. from where i can contact to customer support ?

Thanks i advance 🙂

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The Tip is listed in “Earnings” section as a separate order.

Therefore, considering your initial Order was $25, the Fiverr shows $20 (rightfully so) while the Tip is just next to it, one step up, showing $8 ($10 tip).

So, no worries fellow colleague - you can rest assured that you’ll get all you earned.

Best of luck in the future.

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