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How can I not get paid from PAYPAL?


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Hello. Good Night:

I did setup Paypal as a payment method;In fact I have obtained payments previously through paypal but now the paypal withdrawal button is disabled despite having money available for withdrawal.Does anyone have any idea of what is going on and how can I solve it?

Waiting for your help. Best regards;

Oswaldo Gimenez.

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The Paypal button will be greyed out for about 24 hours after you make a withdrawal. Or possibly they want you to verify your phone number first.

Go you to account settings and see if there is a notice to verify your phone number. Or possibly you do not have enough to make a withdrawal as there is a minimum amount you need to have although I don’t remember what it is.

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As explained by my tutor, the problem may be from fiverr if;

  1. Someone have complained about your service
  2. If a buyer wasn’t really happy and pretended to be, but lunched a complaint against you to customer support.

What you need to do is contacting fiverr support team and let them know what you’re been through, they will tell you that one of your buyer wasn’t happy with you that you should contact him/her.
But, it’s going to be a big assignment as fiverr wouldn’t tell you who the buyer was.

So, check through your recent buyers and talk to them and convince the buyer to be happy. Best Luck

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