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Some Clarifications About Transferring Revenue


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Hi I don’t think this happens before or maybe I just didn’t notice then… I transferred 100$ about a couple of weeks ago and it said that Fiverr sent me 100$ (flat). In my e-mail it showed that Fiverr only sent me 99$. Just now I’ve tranferred 124$ and it said in the site that Fiverr sent me 124$ which I have to confirm in my email as usual. Then in my email it said Fiverr sent me 119$. That’s like 5 dollars off my cleared revenues. Are those cuts from Paypal or Fiverr? How come I seem to remember always getting the exact amount I everytime I withdraw back then… Is this a new rule? Or was my account hacked? Please help me understand… Thanks


Ok this is now weirder. I checked my paypal after confirming and It seems It says Fiverr sent me 123$, this is now confusing.

  1. I transferred 124$
  2. I was told in my email that Fiverr sent me 119$
  3. In paypal It says Fiverr sent me 123$

    *I guess it’s an email bug or something like?
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Reply to @craigscott: Yes, but after a certain amount (according to many other sellers, as I myself haven’t yet withdrawn any money) Paypal doesn’t take any more - so the most it takes is $1, unless you withdraw under that amount constantly, in which case it would probably build up and quickly exceed $1 after a while. There was another thread about it a while back, where people talked about this.

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