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I got orders like crazy then now nothing


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There are probably more Logo gigs then there are Writing gigs, tbh, so your competition is going to be stiff. And as far as I can find, your Twitter only has 700 followers, which is basically pointless when it comes to spamming gigs.

You also don’t need a tip jar, Fiverr already asks the customers at the end of a sale, as they are writing a review, if they want to add in a tip. Make these two gigs into something you are good at!

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Hi @crystaldayton
You’re doing well! If things slowed down a bit, it may be what I call “low season”, after Easter Holidays.
I can just give an opinion about the Gigs that are similar to mine: Flyer Design.
Try to create a proper Gig Cover Picture. Actually, you have one of your flyers as Gig Cover, and it doesn’t fit in the window, so the upper and lower parts are missing, it looks unclear.
Brand yourself, take your time to create an attractive Cover and you’re good to go!

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