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Shining Shining Negative Review


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Hey peeps, So i am here to party about the first negative review that I received from a CONFUSED buyer… I did his video almost 5 times… from scratch including voice over still he is not satisfied… And he call the video look like it is made in 60s. Like seriously. 😕

Anyways, Everybody is welcome to the party and Cheers to the ones who will offer a shoulder to me. 😓


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It happens. Shrug it off.

If you’re doing your own marketing and recruiting your own clients outside of Fiverr, you’ll easily recover from this.

Some buyers just won’t be pleased and think that it’s appropriate for them to punish the seller for their frustration - this is why you get buyers who’ll rate you 1 star on all three metrics: it’s rage-fapping and it makes them feel better. Even if your communication with the buyer was stellar, they’re like, “I REALLY HATE THIS BUYER AND I’M GOING TO PUNISH THEM WITH ALL NEGATIVE STARS!!!11!!1!”

Fiverr ought to have a safeguard against these kinds of rage-fap reviews like what Ebay has: if you don’t communicate with the buyer, you don’t get to rate the buyer on communication (and so on.)

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