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! Seller Beware!

Guest fivergiz

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Guest fivergiz

Hello everyone .

lets watch how some of the buyer wants to waste new seller’s

i have edited my gig later,but while he ordered me was 250-300+Visitor Per Day for one whole Month…

The buyer


Written In Feedback

"The seller is dishonest. The gig is a scam. Was supposed to be for a month, but got traffic from their sources for only 1 day (886 total) and it was ALL from China. Use one of the other traffic gigs, not this one. They will only rip you off!!! "

So he got 806 click all from china . Right ?

please check the tracking URL we given him


and check where the click are from and are they all china and only 800 click ?

please check, does he not got 250 usa click ?

this are some of buyers who only want to destroy sellers rating …

All seller ! beware !

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Actually it seems that you might have read some WSO and believe in the tricks that they provide you to earn on Fiverr one of which includes this section of sending backlinks or clicks from china.

Hence, you have been caught by the buyer here very appropriately.

It’s best to be genuine in your activities to ensure that you get true work without any such bad feedback from the buyer.

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