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Buyers didn't follow my instructions and also didn't provide the information I need


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Sorry for my English

I’m new here, and I need help

There’s a buyer who didn’t follow my instruction, this is my gig http://fiverr.com/beno_rohman/do-minor-changes-in-your-html-or-css

First, she does order to my gig without send me a message first. I need buyer to send me message first because I’m not a genius who can do anything

Second, she didn’t give information I need. She gave me access to her site, but it’s a “article-editor” user, I’m not able to to anything to her website

Third, the changes she want is not “minor” changes, I should ask for another one gig to do that thing (if I could access her admin page)

I’ve come to resolution center, request a mutual cancellation, but she declined it, until the time is passed.

I don’t know what to do, can anyone help me? I’m newbie here

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