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How to avoid late orders


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Hello Fiverr Family,

I trust you are enjoying this beautiful Wednesday.

I wanted to ask a question about a gig that I did recently.

I have a gig of Dj Drops and a client ordered about 25 of them. The order was done and completed, but the challenge that I faced was getting them done on time.

Ok here is the scenario and the question.

I have the option on my gigs for next day service, which is $10. Now when the order was placed for a huge amount of Dj drops, I had to complete 25 Dj Drops in just one day.Why, because the client ordered my gig 5 times and each gig consists of 5 dj drops each. Now the thing is the client also ordered next day service which applied to the entire order that consisted of 5 orders.

I wanted to see if there is a way to have a client order each gig separately instead of 5 at a time, that way if the client orders next day service, it will be added to the one particular order. Not only that but the client can be charged the next day fee for each order.

I guess you would say this is a good challenge.

Thank you for you response in advance.

Pastor Dre

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Oh… and that’s where I change “fast delivery” sometimes. I’ve also been in that position to deliver up to 6/7 posters within 24h… plus the other deliveries due for that day also.
Your situation could be the dream of many new buyers, but then time doesn’t fit anymore.
I bet you can explain the situation to your buyer and agree in extending the delivery time for some of the 5 orders?
Fast delivery is a good way to catch clients and make $$, but when you have to many of them, becomes a headache!

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