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Do you send offer at Buyer Requests?


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Hello Fiverr Sellers , I am Israt Khan from Bangladesh . I hope you all know how to send offer to buyers at Fiverr. I usually do it regularly. Do you ? If so do you get response regularly?

I send offer daily 10 times but don’t get response properly.

What do you think friends ?? Do you get buyer message from your GIGs or send offer at Buyer Request ?

Kind regards,
Israt Khan

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It’s been more than 1 year that I don’t use the Buyers Request section.
After reading hundred of similar posts like yours I’ve decided to try myself, to see what was going on.
2 days ago I’ve sent 5 offers to Buyers Request and I got one order for $40
So, I guess is your approach to the buyers that must improve.

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