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Option for buyer review even after 3 days have passed? [SOLVED]

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Hi Fiverr 🙂

Right now:

…'Once work is delivered, the buyer has three days to respond and post a review’

As I always overdeliver and deliver before deadline, one buyer did not check in and the 3 days have passed. I am sure he was super satisfied but it seems he can not review after the 3 days period.

Is there a possibility to let buyers review our gig and service even after 3 days of delivery have passed? I don’t mean for ever. But just for as long as the delivery date is still available.

In my case my gig has a 7 day delivery. I delivered in 2 days. But it seems that the buyer signed in just before deadline. So the order was marked complete 2 days before and it seems he could no more review



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