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0 Orders! help me!


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Ok your gigs look great. I will say that, you have plenty of wide ranging gigs that are sure going to get you some orders. However, you joined less than two weeks ago. Even the Top Rated Sellers now did not get sales for the first few weeks.

Don’t give up.😋
Send ALL of your offers in buyer requests.📨
(Send offers, don’t post a request as a seller. There is a big difference)
Promote your gig.📈

I didn’t get my first sale until after a week of just waiting and promoting. You can do it. Don’t worry. Good luck! 🍀

Edit: I made a typo… Ugh.

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Yes! It’s also astounding that our boy big Gahlut here, (is that pronounced Ga-loot? with a short a? Or Glut?) has gigs are all like other bestsellers in the category, down to the pics, text and even bio. For instance, his “Cut the contract between you and the Devil” gig. No wonder madyr9228 said his gigs look great! I just had to check it out, myself, I noticed he apparated here on Fiverr from his ancestral home, to join the mere mortals at the same time as I… only I didn’t apparate, (and I am, (perhaps regrettably) a mere mortal). I just clicked on the link. A coincidence or is something at work here? I must ask him about our karma and dogma throughout past lives!

If you provide such a creative service, isn’t the fun of it in being creative? Doesn’t a little article spinning - or gig spinning - defeat the purpose? If you say you’re sincere about this, (please no, as fun at it will be), I have a plethora of Q & A for you. Starting with the fact that you speak of sorcerers without any concept of offense to actual male witches, (who are called, um… witches, not sorcerers), and who practice magic as part of their religion, so they tend to take it a bit seriously. I should think that would alienate your community of fellow practitioners, and affect sales, especially with the increased risk of having your sales cursed. Q. Does it?
Q. Is that why you have no sales and you’re here?
Q. Do you associate the term “witch” with being female?
Now, that’s not fair, is it? A loaded question.
I will give you this: You are marketing your language skills, and even using the close similarity of Latin-based languages that allows you, innately to comprehend languages outside of your native tongue to promote yourself in the way of being, (at least on a basic level) tri-lingual. That is good skills marketing - er, not quite the same as marketing skills, but you get the point. My advice? Scrap the rest, your plagiarized gigs are feeding off others’ sales and hard work.

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