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What I see daily in the forums

Guest gamersuscentral

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Guest gamersuscentral

2 words that could have gotten you that positive feedback… OVER DELIVER!.

Its been said before. You will always encounter difficult customers.

Lets say you work in a restaurant. A customer gives you attitude, they are demanding, they didnt want butter on their bread, but still got butter on their bread. They demand you go take it back and get them a new one, you do that. They then claim their drink is flat, you go get a new one. They then claim their food is cold. You go get them a new hot plate! The end result - a happy customer- satisfied and probably a good tip!!!

Now … picture it this way. A customer orders his food and they didnt like it. You as a waiter or waitress is supposed to tend to a customers requests. Never are you supposed to stop during a meal and say, im sorry but if you want me to do that , your going to have to pay more. Never , right?

Your working at fiverr. Fiverr is growing, supposed to provide great customer service to all types of buyers. Supposed to leave a great experience for all of them. We are supposed to go above and beyond just to impress! OVER DELIVER! We are supposed to make Fiverr look good!

Instead I come on here day after day, reading posts about sellers complaining about how they wont do this or they wont do that , or the customer has to pay more for it.

To me when I read these posts, it makes fiverr sound bad. It gives fiverr a bad name.

I may not be a top rated seller, Im just a level 2… but I do know what customer service is supposed to be like. I do know how your supposed to treat your customers.

Never do you tell them NO. You just deliver. Strive for perfection. If the customer is telling you that the gig they recieved isnt the way they want it to be, then you fix it!

Dont complain about it or come on the forums and talk about that customer and how bad they are. Instead, go all out, take that extra couple of minutes or even hours to fix the gig up to their expectations. Create that special moment where the customer will see it and want to come back later.

The key is to keep customers. Not lose them just because you didnt want to retouch the gig .

I may get trashed for expressing my self like this. But as I said, I have worked in the customer service field for many many years , and from what I see in the forums about sellers complaining about customers daily, its bad. Were losing customers on fiverr daily because sellers refuse to work that extra mile for their customers.

You want more customers??? Then attend to them the way they should be attended. FULLY!

Goodluck to you all!

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Guest matt_garry

I guess if you want a lot of sales one way to do it is work dirt cheap and work you’re a_s off. Only works for a little while if you have labor intensive gig you can only work for minim wage or less for so long until you get burnt out.

If I never said NO I would be making maybe 2.50 an hour not to mention I would be working 24/7 to complete them all…

by selecting the ones who actually are willing to pay a fair price and working with them and over delivering to them that is essential.

But man if you think you can please every greedy buyer you can’t be getting that many orders.

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