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Please Check my gig and give me advice


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  1. Your profile description looks stuffed with keywords. Trying making it more natural.

  2. You are providing graphic designing services but the texts present in your gig images are not very legible and using textures in the background makes it look pixelated in the gig preview.

  3. Your packages description looks weird. For ex- Use “I will design your logo, letterhead, and business card” instead of “Business card , Logo I will design Your Brand Logo , Letterhead and Business card .”

  4. Your gigs description are not well formatted, you had used double spaces between many words, left empty bullet points etc. Try fixing them and use bold and highlighted text parts for a better represenation.

  5. Use 5/5 tags.

  6. Use bright colours for your gig images, they looks pale.

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