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Let our Peers be the Jury

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There seems to be a lot of complaints where the seller gets a negative review only because they did not do something the buyer wanted outside the gig description. To me, some are obvious abuse by the buyer and it isn’t fair that CS doesn’t help in these cases. CS seems to not care and yet a negative review can be devastating to a seller.

If CS doesn’t want to get involved than why not let our peers decide. I don’t care if it is level 2 or top sellers, but I have no problem presenting my case and evidence to my peers and if they decide the buyer was right, I will accept it, but if they decide the buyer was wrong, than the negative view should automatically be removed.

From the responses I have seen posted by other members when they asked CS for help in obvious abuse of the seller, I would take my chances of being judged by my peers than hoping that CS will decide fairly if I deserved the negative review or not.

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