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Keywords/Tags Not Searchable, Fiverr Search Engine


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Variations of this problem have been posted before, but this truly hasn’t been addressed, and it should be driving thousands of sellers crazy. Our Gigs’ descriptions, as well as Tags, are no longer searchable within Fiverr search engine. They were for awhile, then they weren’t, and recently I noticed they aren’t again.

So in the voice over category, I have two popular gigs, and the titles are specific to what buyers may be searching for however within my gig’s description, I also offer, for example, an Al Pacino (voice impression) too, but if a buyer searches for say Al Pacino, my gigs don’t show up, they use too. I have escalated this to CS over a year ago, but this is still a BIG PROBLEM.

Bottom Line: I’m not looking for advice on what to change my Gigs’ titles to, and I see no need to create more identical gigs just to sell the occasional Pacino voice. I just want my gigs to show up in Fiverr search based on my Title, Descrription, and/or Tags.

The more our gigs show up in Fiverr search engine, the more potential $$ we make for Fiverr not just ourselves


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