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What ever happened to the Buyer Requests page


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My name is Martin and I do Photo Editing and Illustration related jobs. I’ve been a seller for around 3 months now.

I used to get most of my jobs from the buyer request page but recently I found that the feature has been going downhill to the point where it is almost unusable. This has greatly affected the amount of sales I’ve been generating. Here are the problems which I’ve found:

  1. At least 50% of the buyer requests are sellers advertising themselves.
  2. There used to be 50-200 requests at a time and now there are over 1.2k (I think this is a bug with Fiverr’s counter or something).
  3. As soon as a buyer posts a request over 20 offers immediately appear.

Is anyone else having the same problems as me?

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Oh, i understand what you’re saying. It has to be major issues.

I am a buyer and I’ve tried but it will either sit there for a day, pending status or reject with the standard blurb.

I gave up using it for now.

P.S.: I actually do know how to use BR as I have used it probably close to or over 2 dozen times.

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