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Be careful bad buyer alert "fragglesrock"


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I got orders from this seller “fragglesrock” 3 orders total. I have completed all work that he ask for at start and completed all orders. He reviewed excellent 2 of them and didnt review 3rd one. He asked for something new and i said this is extra job but i will do it for your satisfaction. Then I finished extra work and he asked to change it again. I said him that I dont want to continue this extra works and please find someone else. Then surprise ! I got a bad review which " I am not able to do this job and I am the worst seller on fiver" Contacted support before and I hope they see who is right. This is so bad for a seller who want to be good in his job.



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I come across people like these every week, and so would you, you cannot stop it. Intially my services were abused like hell, you wont believe but once I created a whole wordpress theme for $5, just to please the buyer, but now I have learned how to handle them.

Looks like you blocked this person, which irritated him so much that he wrote a negative review. Customer care may remove this negative comment but they would not always do it.

I always follow a couple of things which could help you too.

  1. Describe clearly that you would do one minor change or whatever you do in $5 in your gig, there should be no confusion, if their is any conflict you can always refer your buyer to the description.
  2. Never say no to the buyer, tell them you would do it later or make some other excuse. be aware that they have more than two weeks to change their review, but after that you are safe.
  3. Buyers who do bargaining are most likely the people who would turn out like these, choose carefully whose order you should take.

    Summary is that even after these, as a seller you would get abused sometimes so be ready and be smart to get out of the loop.
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Guest gamersuscentral

2 words that could have gotten you that positive feedback… OVER DELIVER!.

Its been said before. You will always encounter difficult cusotmers.

Lets say you work in a restaurant. A customer gives you attitude, they are demanding, they didnt want butter on their bread, but still got butter on their bread. They demand you go take it back and get them a new one, you do that. They then claim their drink is flat, you go get a new one. They then claim their food is cold. You go get them a new hot plate! The end result - a happy customer- satisfied and probably a good tip!!!

Now … picture it this way. A customer orders his food and they didnt like it. You as a waiter or waitress is supposed to tend to a customers requests. Never are you supposed to stop during a meal and say, im sorry but if you want me to do that , your going to have to pay more. Never , right?

Your working at fiverr. Fiverr is growing, supposed to provide great customer service to all types of buyers. Supposed to leave a great experience for all of them. We are supposed to go above and beyond just to impress! OVER DELIVER! We are supposed to make Fiverr look good!

Instead I come on here day after day, reading posts about sellers complaining about how they wont do this or they wont do that , or the customer has to pay more for it.

To me when I read these posts, it makes fiverr sound bad. It gives fiverr a bad name.

I may not be a top rated seller, Im just a level 2… but I do know what customer service is supposed to be like. I do know how your supposed to treat your customers.

Never do you tell them NO. You just deliver. Strive for perfection. If the customer is telling you that the gig they recieved isnt the way they want it to be, then you fix it!

Dont complain about it or come on the forums and talk about that customer and how bad they are. Instead, go all out, take that extra couple of minutes or even hours to fix the gig up to their expectations. Create that special moment where the customer will see it and want to come back later.

The key is to keep customers. Not lose them just because you didnt want to retouch the gig .

I may get trashed for expressing my self like this. But as I said, I have worked in the customer service field for many many years , and from what I see in the forums about sellers complaining about customers daily, its bad. Were losing customers on fiverr daily because sellers refuse to work that extra mile for their customers.

You want more customers??? Then attend to them the way they should be attended. FULLY!

Goodluck to you all!

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I just nip those situations in the bud: if I know after repeated attempts that the buyer and I are not going to agree, I cancel the order and often give them a recommendation to another similar fiverr service.

That by the way would be the difference between us and waiters; waiters can’t adjust or change who they deal with; whoever is sat in their section is it until they’re gone. I’ve seen great waiters give phenomenal service, field every request and complaint and still get stiffed on a tip (which is why I always over tip!).

We on the other hand, have the (albeit limited) option of gently suggesting the buyer get satisfaction elsewhere on fiverr. I would rather risk skimming the cancellation percentage ceiling, rather than roll the dice on not getting negative feedback.

Having said all that, Gamersuscentral is right: your best advantage is when you over deliver! For every one crank there are a least 10 that will sing your praises.

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