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Buyers Request Section & Sellers Post Requests For Give Them Order?

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Hi Everyone

First i want to say Thank You & Appreciated for visit this post , Any suggestion and reply help to improve knowledge about fiverr & fiverr website functions .

Since i joined fiverr as a seller , I also know fiverr have buyers request section where buyers ( Simple word : Customers ) post his job and seller apply for get job.

Very Simple : Seller send his offer to buyer overall price with his message.

That’s how it’s need to work !

But in last many months i can see sellers request who asking indirectly to give him a order. Posting a buy his gig request through buyers request section.

Here is example that i sew it about 10 days ago.

Example :

" Hey, I am BooBoo , I do great logo design for just at 5$ and you never get any problems to work with me , Just contact me and i will give you great logo … !! "

Note BooBoo is just a example name , i do not mentioned any particular seller name in this forum.

Generally i see this type many requests in buyers request section. and i can not see any flag option where i can report customer support.

Is fiverr need to add flag option in buyers request section for sellers / buyers ?

What is your opinion ?

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My opinion is: certain sellers need to stop complaining about other users misusing the Buyer’s Request section. This is one of the most frequent complaints on this forum. We are aware of it. Instead of complaining, just skip over the spammers, and scroll down the BR list until you find a buyer that you’d like to respond to.

And, you also need to keep in mind, relying on Buyer’s Requests to be your only source of sales is a terrible idea. Please take responsibility for the success of your gigs, and get out there and promote them. Create eye-catching, well presented gigs, and be willing to expand your “promotion” beyond the Buyer’s Request section.

Figure out WHO your target customers are, then do some research to determine where those customers are located. Once you’ve done these things, then go market and promote your gigs to these people (via ads, forum participation, targeted social media, etc).

In the time it takes you to complain, you could have targeted and promoted to more customers. Buyer’s Request isn’t going to make your business successful in the long term, so don’t worry about what other people are doing there. You have the ability to make your gigs successful. Think bigger, and get out there and promote your gigs. You’ll find more customers where your customers are located, than in random Buyer’s Request listings that you can only respond to ten of every day.

Get out there and build your success – beyond the Buyer’s Request section.

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