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Alright, so, am I doing this right?


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You just have to be patient, its not that easy to get started… But here are few tips to increase your chances of getting your first job

  1. Use the buyer requests.Target those jobs with less offers(about 8-15 offers sent) and try to convince the buyer why he/she should choose you. You only have 10 to send per day so don’t waste it on requests with many offers sent…
  2. Check your gig, compare it to top and medium performers in your niche and try to model(not copy) the presentation of your gig to suit the criteria of your niche.
  3. Use search tags that are common in your niche
  4. Be ready to overdo for little
    5)Accept that you are a novice for now
    6)Use social media to promote your gigs
    These are tips i can remember for now.GOODLUCK
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