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[Suggestion] 3 solutions to get rid of bad buyers

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I delivered an order, providing two documents like I always do along with instructions so the buyer could see what edits I made.

A little later…
“This is worse than a nightmare, are you serious about what you’re doing???” They then attach a screenshot and supposedly the “clean” copy that I delivered to them.

One look at the document they sent back and I realized they added errors to it. They were completely trying to scam. I contacted Customer Support. It shouldn’t take but one glance to see that he has falsified errors (he literally started with the first word of the file).

Even though I’m in the right and he’s in the wrong, I have to take the fall either way. A cancellation counts against me. If I managed to get him to accept the delivery, his abusive review would count against me.

Fiverr needs to do something about that.

  • Making it so people can see seller feedback
  • Allowing sellers to blacklist buyers (and after so many sellers blacklist them, someone should look into it!)
  • Potentially looking into buyers who have canceled a certain percentage of orders (especially if it’s near 100%).
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