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Problem sending buyer request on mobile version of Fiverr


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Hi everyone,

Today I am gonna discuss a problem sending buyer request using Fiverr mobile version. Recently I’ve noticed that when using Fiverr on mobile ( I am using ios) I am experiencing a really wired and irritating problem. When I send buyer request using mobile I don’t have option to choose a relevant gig ( the gig according to buyer specification, e.g: if buyer request is about Wordpress then I should send the buyer a gig which is also about wordpress) from all of my gigs. Instead of this action, Fiver lets me choose the gig which matches the category of buyer request. We know that when we post a buyer request fiverr asks us to select a category. But what if the buyers by mistake choose the irrelevant category. Then the seller don’t have the option to choose the relevant gig to offer.

For instance :

A buyer request : " I want to develop a wordpress website. " Category : “Website builders and CMS”

When seller creates a gig about wordpress they choose the following category : Programming and tech/Wordpress

In that case buyer didn’t choose the correct category. For this reason seller also can’t select the gig about wordpress since it’s in programming and tech category. Fiverr lets the seller choose from “Website builders and CMS”. Which is irrelevant. I know Fiverr thinks it logically. It would be perfect if all buyer could choose the correct category. In that case it’s also confusing for buyer to select the category. because , Wordpress is also a kind of CMS. So, the buyer is not entirely wrong when selecting the category. But Fiverr should let the seller choose all the gigs, not only the gigs from a selected category so that if buyer mistakes to select the proper category even though the seller can offer the buyer a relevant gig.

If you experience the same problem , please comment.

✪✪✪✪✪✪✪✪ This problem only occurs in mobile devices. I use iphone 5s ✪✪✪✪✪✪✪✪✪✪✪

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