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Conned By a Buyer


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Recently, I got an order from a buyer who wanted me to edit a logo for him.I completed the work and delivered it. After completing the work he told me that he has plenty of business to do with me.
After few days he again put an order to edit another logo and again I completed the work before time and deliver the work. But this time he did not mark the order as completed and continuously give excuses that he cannot access the files which I have provided him. (The file which I provided works fine in my system and even I check those in other systems and still it works fine). Even I resend him the logo files in different file formats but still he stuck on the same excuse that the file is not accessible.

I know all buyers not scammers and I really have some good experiences with my previous buyers but this time I am not happy with this buyer. Please suggest me how to deal with this situation.

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