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Net revenue less than what it should be


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Hello, I’m having some issues with the net revenue stat under earnings.
It says that my net revenue is 92$, however it was 92$ 2 orders ago too!
I only started on fiverr less than a month ago, so I don’t have that many orders and most of my revenue is from tips, which allowed me to go back and count how much money I earned manually (scrolled down to the bottom of page and added together all order revenue) and it comes up to 108$, which is what it should be.
What is going on?? Is it not updating or something? I don’t understand… I was so stoked to break my first 100$ earned on fiverr only to find out I can’t.
For those of you who might think this is a mistake on my part, I thought so too so however more than 72 hours ago I delivered an order to one of my regular clients who has been away for that time, and orders are completed 72 hours after delivery if the buyer does not mark them as such earlier, but my net revenue is the same as yesterday so something is wrong.
Please someone help me out.

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I just looked at the order and it’s still not marked as completed, even though it was delivered more than 72h ago, so I guess the number is correct and my mind just played a trick on me for the previous order. So everything is okay, I don’t know how to delete this post so if a moderator reads this please delete it.

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